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More Than Words Can Say, Chapter 35

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The bright morning light streaming in on his face woke Karl. It took him a moment to remember what had happened the night before. When he looked down and saw Anita still in his arms, he smiled and kissed the top of her head. He couldn't believe she had actually come back last night to tell him she loved him. Deep down he had known it, but to hear her say the words... He'd be damned if he didn't find a way to make this work. Yes, he lived in New Zealand, and yes he had a kid there, but he was bound and determined to make sure he could have some sort of life with Anita. If he had to split his time between Auckland and Los Angeles, he would. He wasn't going to abandon his son, but he wasn't going to abandon Anita either, not now that they had both professed their love. No, he would make this work if it was the death of him.

Anita awoke to Karl absentmindedly stroking her hair. She looked up at him and saw he was thinking. She could tell it was some serious thought because he didn't even know she was awake yet. She got a wicked smile on her face.

"OW!" Karl snapped out of his reverie. He looked down at Anita, who still had his nipple between her teeth, an evil grin plastered on her face. "That's dirty pool, luv."

"You were ignoring me." She feigned a sad look, barely able to contain her smile.

"Never, luv. Never." He kissed the top of her head. "Good morning. Did you sleep okay?"

"Mmm. Like a baby." She smoothed her hand over his chest. "So, what were you thinking about?" She was a little afraid that he would admit they would never work out.

He got a contemplative look on his face. "I was trying to figure out how I'm going to make this work." He saw the scared look. "I am not going to give up on us, Ani. I'll make it work somehow." They both grew quiet, lost in their thoughts for a moment. Karl broke the silence by nodding his head and blurting out, "I think I can make this work." Anita looked up at him. "Well, I've been getting more offers for Hollywood movies. I'm already starting to spend much more time here. I'll just spend half my off time here. I'll bring Hunter out here sometimes when I'm here, and I'll bring you to Auckland sometimes when I'm home. Damn it, this will work."

She couldn't get over his determination. He obviously loved her as much as she did him if he was willing to do so much to make it work. Then she felt a little bad because he seemed to be the only one making sacrifices. She needed to do something, anything, to alleviate at least some of the guilt. "Well, whenever you're here, be it for a day or a couple months, you're staying at my house. There's no reason for you to pay for a hotel or to rent a house if I have a perfectly good house you can stay at. And I'll make every effort to go see you when you're home." She kissed his chest. It wasn't much, but it was really all she could do.

"Like you could keep me away, luv." He smiled down at her. "Now come here." He embraced her tightly, pulling her to lay on his body. She slid up him so they were level with each other. He pulled her in for a kiss. "Mm. I missed that." The wicked grin returned to Anita's face. Dropping her knees to the bed on either side of Karl's waist, she pressed her body into his. He groaned. A wicked smile to match hers materialized on his face. Hugging her body to his, he rolled them over so he was on top.

Anita relished in the feel of his lips as they slowly worked their way down her body. Soft kisses on her neck, down her chest and over the swell of her breasts, lingering just a moment to tease her nipples before moving on to her stomach. She loved the feel of his lips. They were so soft, so luscious. He stopped his kisses and raised himself even with her, dipping his head to kiss her. As their kiss ended, she gently bit his bottom lip. She just couldn't help herself. If there was one thing about him that made her come undone it was those lips.

Karl rested his forehead against hers and slid into her slowly, never breaking eye contact. Her eyes closed for a moment as she sighed in satisfaction. Karl lowered himself onto his forearms, stroking the hair at her temple with his fingers. His movements were slow, deliberate. Gone was the urgent hunger they'd always felt. It was like with their declarations of love, they could finally take their time. It wasn't about sheer pleasure anymore. It was something deeper, every touch, every caress was an affirmation of how they felt.

Karl rained kisses down on Anita. She stilled his head with her hands, lifting his face to look into his eyes. "I love you, Karl."

His smile was pure joy as his eyes raked over her face. He returned his gaze to hers. "You have no idea how long I've wanted to hear you say that." He kissed her again. Sliding his mouth along her cheek, he nestled in next to her ear. "And I love you, Ani."

Karl took his time steadily building their passion until they both felt they were about to burst. Anita clung to him, her fingers raking over his back as he drove her over the edge of the abyss. He followed soon after, a deep satisfied groan breathed into her neck. A few recovering breathes and he continued raining kisses on her face.

Their bliss was interrupted by a beeping on the bedside table. Karl dropped his head to Anita's shoulder and growled in quiet frustration. He rolled over onto his back and threw his arm over his eyes. "And that means it's time for me to jump in the shower." He looked over at Anita. "Care to join me?"

"Try and keep me away." She smiled widely before vaulting over him and onto the floor. He chuckled at her enthusiasm. She took his hand and hauled him off the bed. "Come on."

"Alright, alright. I'm coming." He followed after her, their hands still clutched together.

"So soon? I didn't realize you were so turned on by showers." She grinned devilishly, giggling to herself.

"Oh, you're so funny." He let go of her hand and grabbed her sides. She screeched with laughter. "Now get that fine ass moving. Check out is in an hour."