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More Than Words Can Say, Final Chapter!

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Karl and Anita sat in her car eating lunch. They had stopped at a drive-thru to grab something quick. By the time Karl checked out they were both starving. He had to get to the airport in a little less than an hour, so they didn't have time for a proper sit down lunch.

As she finished taking a sip from her drink, she thought of something. "Mmm. So, when are you in town next? Do you know?"

"I'm back in town for a few days in a couple months. Premier. I'm on a press junket for a bit, then home again for the holidays. Then I have some filming in Canada."

Anita nodded at what he'd said. "Listen, Karl, if you get back home and back to your life and realize that there's no place for me, don't hesitate to tell me." He began to protest. "Let me finish." He closed his mouth and gave her his attention. "I love you and I want to be with you, but I'm not asking you to turn your life upside down to try to accomadate me. I don't expect that. So, please, if it isn't going to work, just tell me. I'll be heartbroken, but I'll eventually get over it and move on."

He could tell it had been hard for her to say. "Ani, that's not going to happen."

She interrupted. "You don't know that."

He gave her an admonishing look. "Are you going to let me finish?" She made a point of shutting up. "Good. Now, as I was saying; that's not going to happen. I want you in my life and I'll make sure you fit. I can't guarantee that we'll see each other very often at first, but I'll talk to you at least once a week. I promise you that. And whether I have to come here or I have to fly your ass out there, we'll see each other at least every few months. Like I said before, I'm getting more Hollywood offers and I've got to be here at least a couple times a year anyway. I may as well stay as long as I can and make the most of it." He took hold of her hand. "We'll make this work because we both want it." He kissed the back of her hand.

They finished their lunch in relative silence, just content to be with each other. Finally, it was time for Karl to get to the airport. When they got into the parking lot, Anita pulled into a parking space in the long-term parking lot. They wanted to say their goodbyes in private. They didn't need the prying eyes of the public or the possible paparazzi to ruin their last moments together. They shared a few reassuring kisses, clinging to each other, neither wanting to let the other go after they finally had each other. Promises to call, text, email, even write letters were passed between them. Promises of frequent visits, promises for every effort to see each other were made. Karl promised to call her as soon as he walked in his front door.

Finally, reluctantly, Anita drove Karl up to the unloading zone. She stayed in the car and watched in her rearview mirror as he got his bags out of her trunk. Her eyes followed him as he made his way to the entrance, a long parting glance over his shoulder, and he disappeared into the crowd. Anita parked in a nearby spot and waited. She couldn't just leave while he was sitting in the airport. She sat in the car feeling contend with how everything had gone, with just a little uncertainty and anxiety about how well it might turn out, watching the planes depart. She didn't leave until she saw that Air New Zealand symbol flying away into the distance. She blew a little kiss at the plane and waved, a bittersweet smile on her lips.

And that's the end. I hope you enjoyed it. Maybe one day I'll revisit Karl and Anita. ;)